Silicon Dawn: Quick Start Guide

How to Build: Building in Silicon Dawn uses an intuitive drag-and-drop system. To build, click the Toggle Construction Menu link to open the building list. Then drag the desired building icon to the desired spot. To build many of the same type of building, double click that icon to enter Mass Build mode. To exit, double click the icon again. To raze buildings, drag the Delete icon to the desired building and confirm the destruction.

Resources: Everything in Silicon Dawn requires that one to three resources be consumed. These are Metal, used to build buildings and war machines, Fuel, consumed for power and to move military units, and Explosives, used for military strikes.

Credits: Like resources, credits are used to construct just about everything in Silicon Dawn. Unlike resources, they represent production capability and so expire every few collections. There are multiple credit types, but they are self-explanatory - Building Credits are used to create buildings, Army Credits are used to add units to an army, and so on.

Buildings: Until you reach space, a few ground buildings will be critical to your empire. Resource Fabricators extract resources from the yellow deposits on the map. Construction Yards generate Building Credits. Reactors consume Fuel to generate power. Defense Platforms automatically defend nearby buildings and the AI Core runs your empire - if it is captured, you are reset.

Power: Your Reactors consume Fuel to generate power for your empire. Each building also consumes power. On the Economy > Power screen, you can overview your power generation and use, as well as your Fuel consumption. If Fuel consumption exceeds Fuel income, or power use exceeds power generation, you will have a Power Penalty. This penalty applies a debuff to all production and military assets in your empire, and is shown on the Power and Collection screens. To reduce your Power Penalty, increase Fuel production or power generation - whichever is causing the problem.

Collections: New resources and credits do not flow automatically, but stack for a period of time until you collect them. On the Economy > Collections screen, you may survey the details of your next collection and then click the Collect button to intake your new credits and resources. Your new power penalty, if any, will also be tabulated and changed.

Further Assistance. If you have further questions about Silicon Dawn, or have moved beyond the Quick Start Guide, we invite you to ask questions of experienced players or the admins themselves. Start a thread in the Game Guides section of the forum (at, or come join us on IRC (at #silicondawn on Coldfront ( We hope to see you there, and good hunting in the meantime.